About Bonni

I'm Bonni Backe, IGMA Fellow and I've been weaving for nearly 40 years (yes, I started in kindergarten). While living in NYC I studied textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and progressed from production weaver (scarves), to sample weaver for the textile industry to textile designer for Franetta Fabrics. A move to Syracuse in 1992 found me with looms, fine yarns in lots of colors, long winters and not much work for a textile designer. I'd always loved overshot coverlets and small things, so being too lazy to weave a full sized coverlet, I wove a dollhouse sized one. And some rugs, having seen pictures in books of miniature rugs so thick you'd trip every time you walked through the room. 

The local miniatures shop was very encouraging, and suggested I try doing a show. As it happened, there was one debuting in Rochester in a few months. Linda Moynihan, the show producer very kindly let me in and that was the beginning of my life as a miniature weaver. Now I teach miniature weaving at the Guild School in Castine, ME every June, sell at Philadelphia Miniaturia and the Handcrafters of Miniatures show in the spring and fall. I’m also sometimes at the Guild Showthe Chicago International, besides selling to the many friends I make through my website. 

I live in a cute log cabin-looking house in Brunswick, just 15 minutes north of LL Bean, and the beginning of mid-coast Maine. The looms are in the basement, and I have a pellet stove down there so my fingers don’t freeze off when it’s chilly. I also have 2 brilliant daughters who have given me 3 extraordinary grandkids. Life is good but I'm looking forward to the invention of the 36 hour day.

For more information email weevings@att.net